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Lieber Guitars: Home of Chris' custom GIGERSTEIN guitar, designed with the help of H. R. Giger and Chris himself.
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ok, i hadnt mentioned it, but now... we (mostly Barbara) had our second daughter Valentina (after my great friend and mentor the late Vali Myers)... on the 11th just after midnight... if you want to send anything Valentina collects switchblade knives especially Microtech products (see for examples) we dont need any baby stuff!!! repeat; we dont need any baby stuff we have tons... we do however need switchblade knives especially out the front models! they can be pink if you can find them send to: chris stein c/o Matt D'Amico Tenth Street Entertainment 700 San Vincente suite G410 W. Hollywood Ca. 90069 or to Barry on a topical note i just have to comment on Spielberg saying the new star wars effort is the best of the last ones... is that a fucking joke? i cant even remember one from the other, i do recall falling asleep during the ja ja binks one, for real

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