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old men etc

"... not again in all the world's turning will there be terrains so wild and barbarous to try whether the stuff of creation may be shaped to man's will or whether his own heart is not another kind of clay."

this from BLOOD MERIDIAN by Cormac McArthy reading "No Country For Old Men" had a deep effect on me... one of the themes thats hammered home is that of the man of yesterday as opposed to the man of today... so i was thinking about the election coming and the future etc... certainly if we are fortunate enough to have everyone turn out for Obama, still i feel sorry for the poor bastard whoever it is as they try to dig out from the last period of government... what a way for Bush to leave office; with the country in more trouble than ever... 35 billion for 'secret defense (sic) spending' when i was a kid everything that was cheap and disposable came from Japan... now thats reversed... what's gonna happen when the same is true for China? when China is one of the world leaders in technology and manufacturing? well, my wife yesterday said as we were driving in the local strip of malls and car dealerships that 'these signs will all have chinese characters soon' the world of Blade Runner will be here... see in '... Old Men' we hear again and again how the people of the past never in their wildest dreams would have seen what is going on today... we may have a better vision of the future but there's a lot, probably a real lot that we aren't seeing... i didn't used to think that, in fact i frequently said that this was perhaps the only period in history when humanity had such a clear picture of its future... now i don't think that

touring this summer

we here at the site have gotten cranky letters about not putting up dates in a timely enough manner i sort of understand but really since the upcoming tour is still more than two months away i dont quite get the urgency... i do however appreciate the sentiment behind it all though, that some fans want to get tickets or know about shows as quickly as possible so to them sorry as for myself i always tell people "i'm just following orders" when it comes to touring info; for example the other day i was in the coffee shop here and the girl who works there told me that we were playing nearby which was news to me... hopefully dates will be up here soon enough that said i am also sorry that i have taken the winter off from blogging as it were... but it was a long ass winter, very icy.. i got a really massive new mac pro and have been working with LOGIC which i like a lot... after about 15 years of dealing with pc's i finally switched and am now a dedicated mac fan and user... i am still amazed at the service they give as opposed to all of the companies that do pc's... i guess having a monopoly is good for something this is just small talk cause i dont have much to say... i hope Obama is the president but i'm not holding my breath... i have been reading "No Country For Old Men" which is awesome, fills in the holes that were in the film so here then is perhaps my favorite film moment of all time from the epic "Maniac" which boasts Phyllis Diller in the credits though watching the thing its virtually impossible to tell who of all the young dames in the movie might be her, cause who the fuck knows what Phyllis Diller looked like at age 25 except her mother maybe enjoy "DOUSE THE FIRE IN MY BRAIN!"

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