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back to reality

me in the dust
we have returned from the relative safe fantasy of Las Vegas and Burning Man back into the tension, for me anyhow, of the pre election weirdness... i spent the last election, that is i watched the actual event unfold from a hotel room in Lima Peru... Lima is a huge city and a close neighbor of the US... it is all but overcome by poverty; we frequently would see say a seven year old kid holding a two year old to act as a 'prop' for his ability to create a pathetic sympathy for his begging efforts... this atmosphere just underscored the surreal nature of the election results happening miles away in the US
now again we have been traveling all over the world this past summer... how can it be that people here at the same time they are daily preaching the 'global village' theme can be so isolated and uncaring about the opinion and view of America in the rest of the world... granted that a rock band is a decadent extension of the liberal mentality but still we had all sorts of people at our shows, i talked to all sorts of people in Europe as well as Russia and Israel this time and its really amazing but NO ONE in the rest of the world understands why we have George Bush for the president...
so again: i really like Obama, i am excited by the prospect of some actual change in the systems here no matter how slight... but there is something about the guy that is straight and smart, i like the way he speaks, he is certainly not the lesser of evils that the Democrats have presented previously
its gonna be a tense couple of months

very dusssty this year at BM

is this Bill Clinton in disguise at Burning Man center camp?
Vali chills out at Kidsville Burning Man


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