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Barry L. Kramer Barry L. Kramer
Technical Guru

Visit Barry's web site, including the excellent, well-researched Debbie Harry Collector's Society.

Louis A Bustamante Louis A Bustamante

Check out Louis' multi-cultural pop art site Tiki Lab, and the Deborah Harry Home Page for lots more info on Debbie and her various projects.

Contributors Additional Contributors

Heather Ashcraft originally compiled the Radio Station List, with help from John Fehling, Bill Foley, Andy Dunn and Tammy in Boston.

Tony Alvarez, Martin Acampora, Jeff Bando, Bob Betts, Philippe Carly, Lawrence Cant, Jan Coch, Jerome Diard, Scott Duffield,Marion Frerichs, Antony Garner, Nicolas Gibelin, Doug Hinman, April Kincaid, Mike Morton, Laura Mountain, Gregory Nicoll, Adrienne O'Donnell, Deborah Olin, Robert Owens, Julio Pérez, Marshal Peters, Paul Phipps, Robert Pranzatelli, Scott Preston, Ira Robbins, Max Robinson, Carl Schneider, Craig Schofield, Chris Skornia, Enric Sole, John Stanton, Mark D. R. Stern, Rick Strobl, Peter Stupar, Els Van Landuyt, and Igor Vukomanovic contributed to the gig list.

April Kincaid provided the "No Exit" era tour videos and soundbytes.

David Efros contributed to the weblinks in the tour schedule. Steve Castle contributed to the weblinks on the news page.

Special thanks to Chris Stein, Leigh Foxx, Paul Carbonara, Jimmy Destri, Kevin Patrick, Clem Burke and Deborah Harry for providing materials, keeping us in the loop, and making the music that inspired the whole thing.