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Destri Here

Hey Kids,

How's tricks? It's been a while. Just wanted to say thanks for all your emails, etc. It's always nice to be remembered fondly.

Again, it seems with a new Blondie tour underway, I've been hearing the same old rumors about my whereabouts and wanted to again tell ya, point blank, that I've been and remain drug free for years now. Hallelujah! In fact, I'm now focusing on my new career as a drug counselor/therapist and absolutely love it. I am working at a drug clinic in NYC and am in the process of getting my degree. Who knew...

So yes, I had a drug problem back in '03, told the band about it, went to rehab and unfortunately never got my touring job back. I guess the corporate world does have its perks - job protection at least - but it's all water under the Diamond Bridge now. So no, I haven't been asked back since then, but wanted you all to know, definitively, that it is not about my drug issues. I guess one would have to ask Debbie what her reasoning is.

As far as the deal with the Parallel Lines Anniversary tour, I'm not sure what the angle is, seems a bit weird without all the members, but I do support Chris and Debbie and hope they have a great time.

I'm still writing music, always will, I suppose, and I am enjoying immensely my new beautiful wife Robbie, my children, and the simple life for now. Meanwhile, you should hear my interpretative rendition of "Go, Diego, Go" I play for our baby girl, it's got real panache.

Wishing you all the best, I remain, yours,


I would like to thank the Academy..

of hardcore Blondie fans out there who are showing such continual and sweet support for my evolving career as a songwriter. Yes, there are some hotshots interested in my stuff, yes, I do have new management and yes, there is life after Blondie. I'd love to post some new music on MySpace but I've been advised to wait. I'm finally paying some attention to my upcoming webpage where those fans who are simply interested collectors can buy some forged autographs, and some of the fanatics can send away for bottled stage sweat and the like. Thanks, I'm still a capitalist and every nickel c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-counts. Love and piece Destri

Bye, Bye, Bye

Bye, Bye, Bye Whilst aview of the Pacific in beautiful Los Flores canyon, Malibu Ca. My heart goes out to Bleeker Street. Get well Hilly Krystal. Goodbye CBGB. From A long lost son, Jimmy Destri

Tyler Hilton - Information

Jimmy has just finished producing "Information" for Tyler Hilton in Los Angeles. Check out Tyler's MySpace here, and check out Jimmy's original version of "Information" on his own MySpace:

The Tuesday Blog

A CLARIFICATION OF SORTS: This is intended for all of you fans who bristled at my having said in a recent interview that Blondie has become A Lounge Act. What I meant was that they had been put in that position by management and promoters and not that they were intrinsically a group of lounge act quality. That could never be, considering the level of musicianship within that band. Let it be known that if I were in a position to choose, we would have never embarked as a opening act for The New Cars. Let Blondie go out into the night with all the dignity deserved and I hope you all can let my comments and the whole of the Road Rage fiasco that those comments were attributed to be seen as what they actually were...frustration over the 11th hour dip in stature we all were subject to as a result of that misplaced month of bookings. Thanks Jimmy Destri

My Atlas Plugged Interview

Here is an interview I did with Atlas Plugged....

My Musicians Atlas Article

Below is an article I just wrote on my memories of CBGB's.... "Naked City" New York is like Oz today. Back then in the early '70s, it was Kansas. It was black and white, bleak, weak and standing on a falling infrastructure. Gerry Ford, the president then, screamed on the front page of the Daily News, "Ford to city, Drop Dead. " Did you ever see the pictures on the Science Channel of life forms, congregating around sulfurous deep ocean vents, living and breathing in impossible conditions? Well, that kind of picture is pretty much analogous to my memories of big insects crawling across uncollected city trash and more figuratively - the existence of artists and musicians in impossibly bleak, yet cheap lofts surrounding a venue in the depths of downtown New York. Life in impossible conditions. We (Blondie, The Ramones, Television, et al) all lived in cheap broken down lofts surrounding CBGB's, our venue, our personal place, our sulfur deep ocean downtown vent that sustained us until the Sire's, Chrysalis' and others came down in their limousines and glimpsed at us as if they were peering through the 30-inch thick Plexiglas windows of submersibles. We played there, we lived there, we were each other's own audience. We ate Hilly's chili, borrowed money from him, stepped in his dog's shit lying around the club. We opened for no one, headlined for no one and then filled the place to such an extent that the fire department shut us down on Friday nights. Yeah, we grew, we prospered and we surfaced to the whole world, from that impossible start. "Life finds a way...," even in New York. For the rest of the article go to

HOW CD Release

Hear Minions, I overwhelmed by all the requests for Heart on a Wall and the possibilty of its re-release on CD. I will try to locate the master through the label and see what can be done. We may have to start a grass roots campaign, are you ready? Can we take on the World to together? "Are you with me? Will you follow Caesar?" Will we defeat the hun? Will there be cake? Will there be...... nevermind, sorry. Back to reality. In the interim, check out "Little Metal Drummer" on Meanwhile, I want to thank you all for your letters which I'm still trying to answer. [I only have two hands and one eye, you know], but I do love you for sending them. I will get to every one, I promise. I am, very truly yours, Your leader, James Destri I


THE TUESDAY BLOGGGGGG! ON MONDAY! When the policemen dragged Mel Gibson from his car last week, looking all bright eyed and bushy tailed, I myself was reminded of my own little brushes with ze law, although I'm a minor celebrity And as far as I can remember I've never blamed the fall of civilization on the Jews... Shalom... Jimmy p.s. Stay tuned for new track "Information" coming to

The Tuesday Blog

Hey Thank you one and all for your fabbo response to my trax on myspace and your support in all other things including, you English, the doctored-mentary on the BBC. There's more music coming, and more....much more! Toys and fun gifts! Love, the Destri

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