Film Director, Painter, Photographer, and Author
(writer and director of "Union City")
announces the forthcoming U.K. release of
a Tartan DVD
a Ziggurat book

Release Date - 20 February 2006

News release: 31 January 2006

Marcus Reichert, writer and director of the 1979 film Union City (Debbie Harry's first major starring role) would like to announce its re-release in the UK as a special edition DVD and the simultaneous release of his book Displaced Person: Poetry, Pornography & Politics on 20 February at Shipley Specialist Art Bookseller, Charing Cross, London.

The DVD will be released on Tartan Video and is now available for purchase using this direct link to Amazon UK. (Please note that the DVD is in the PAL video format and Region 2, and therefore may not be playable in other areas of the world without using an all-region player.)

Details: Tartan Video TVD 3635, running time approximately 82 minutes.

The book will be available for £9.95 through Amazon UK or $15.95 in the United States at Amazon US.

Details: 155 pages, ISBN 1-90043904-2

About Marcus Reichert and DISPLACED PERSON

Displaced Person: Poetry, Pornography & Politics by Marcus Reichert is published by Ziggurat Books, London on 20th February 2006 to coincide with the Tartan Films release of his classic film Union City in a special DVD edition. The book features selected writing from 1970 to 2005, including Reichert's controversial political articles for the internet, confessional poetry, and excerpts from his three extraordinary novels. A worthy addition to the library of anyone interested in the state of art today, and tomorrow.

"The American painter Marcus Reichert is one of the great talents of his generation. His range is impressive, encompassing painting, photography, design, writing and filmmaking, all of which he conjures with equal skill ... Reichert is a traveller, an alien implanted within foreign and often obstructive cultures. It informs his writing and is an essential ingredient of his oeuvre." — Mike von Joel, State of Art Magazine

"When so much Art is spun by media-savvy celebs, Marcus Reichert's oeuvre emerges from the chest. An emotional response is inevitable. And the emotion isn't the result of a cunning strategy to manipulate or shock, but rather to illuminate his subjects and the feelings they evoke within him. This having been achieved, it is hard not to share with Reichert his interpretation of the world - the visual world, but also the world of the mind, and the spirit." — D.A. Blyler, Author of The Seven Vices of Highly Creative People

"Painter, film director, photographer and author, Marcus Reichert achieves a synthesis within his range of activities which seems to make perfect and inexplicable sense, the sum of his output exceeding the simple addition of its constituent parts. The means justify the ends and the sum is the sum of human experience as much as it is of art, for Reichert has lived sufficiently to express life in its depth as well as its breadth." — Simon Lane, Author of Still Life with Books and Fear

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DVD box

Liner notes, part 1

Liner notes, part 2

Additional information and images from Union City are available at Marcus Reichert's website,
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