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    Thursday, January 15, 2004

    Bringin' it back
    Lately I've been seeing more and more the issues that we deal with in a
    subatomic world ever expanding into reaching into the cosmos for new
    places to explore but the duality of the two would be exploration or
    infection. In war we deal with things such as religious conflict
    innocence lost and territorial domain not to mention the never ending
    pinnacle point of address:power. We live in a society that uses terms
    such as egalitarian and hegemonic loosely. Always quick to point, never
    think to shoot. The cycle trickles down into the depths of all issues I
    observe dealing with cultures nesting in stagnant economical status and
    the upper crust of what we dare not insult. Mp3's being ripped, virtual
    space expanding more and more by the second, internet police like
    Detective Mike Smith NYPD(Popular Science February 2004), NASA breaking
    new grounds, monkeys with electrodes planted into their brains
    controlling robotic arms operating in a room two doors down from the
    kennel in which the host resides, audio and video components becoming
    smaller and smaller, hackers and cyber geniuses becoming leaders to
    unseen millions tagged with codes. Whats the one thing thats
    consistent? Music. The arts. Check the books, from the Roman empires
    developing "Stage" to the philosophers who acted out the thoughts and
    whims of leaders such as Plato and Socrates only to entertain some and
    educate others. On to the 1300-1400's where war and plague was a common
    conversation versed in occitan in France and the English would sneer,
    yet the minstrels would kick it nevertheless. For centuries we have
    changed and evolved as a race taking the great gifts of Leonardo Da
    Vinci and many others and applying it to our lives, evolution. But what
    happened to the music? The suits and ties who lurk in the shadows of
    scribbling equations with references attached to brand names,
    tablatures infected with lead and graphite while they are busily
    punching various figures into a calculator to present to the "eagle" at
    the next level only to find a greater angle or gimmick to sell sell
    sell. Check out the book "Hip Hop The Culture". House parties in
    Brooklyn and Queens that collectively the crowd could put up enough
    "capital;" as it would be to drop a coin for a turntable and a mic.
    Spin and rhyme, keep the crowd jumpin', like one of my holmes said "if
    their heads r bobbin' then you know you gottem'". Now its cardboard
    cutouts, formulas, equations, trained "musical" athletes that have no
    views on the dichotomies in the world we live in only the quick split
    second decision to buy a hummer or a benz. The same has happened to
    rock and roll, their have been bands that have fought their ass off to
    climb through the rubble of shit that the so called privledged encase
    themselves with only to look over the rail of their balconies to scoff
    or spit on the "jones" trying to "make it" but making it isn't
    necessarily the goal. On a consensus the "minstrels" or the "artists"
    doin' it are few and far these days. When someone asks me why I do what
    I do I tell them " I didn't pick it, it picked me so I have no choice.
    Its not what you do, its who you are." To all those fans that are
    readin' this and to those who dont know who I am, I say this "keep your
    shit real, dont waiver, never quit and you'll be rewarded. Maybe not
    with cash or jewels but in the end bring it to those who need it
    because then you've made your mark. If its 50,000 or just one single
    solitary life, you've made a difference because now they will bring
    something on and they may not know why, when, or where but its a chain
    reaction of education, invention,expression,unity, and most importantly
    what music needs now......Evolution. Its up to all of us. 2004---"