blank picture BADTZ MARU IS GOD! worship now!
ive got the burning man essay up, check it out at the moment it may load slow for those of you with dial-ups so bear with it 'we'(louis) are trying to do something that will make it faster... sorry for any inconveniance but considering it took me a million years to do the damn thing...
happy valentines day

p.s., this just in "reality is defined in the seven issues of JOHNNY THE HOMICIDAL MANIAC comics available at your local esoteric comic book store or fantasy book shop"
emperor Diabetes the fourth

from here on this is old news,(still new years day, ill be back shortly)
its 6 cats now 4 week old magic kitten found almost in the middle of the west side hiway named moby for being in front of the mobile gas station

my five nice cats without whom my Microsoft computer bag wouldn't smell so bad...
they are 1)BENJAMIN; undisputed leader and very large [perhaps 30lbs.] friendly cat who is very soulful 2)SHADRACK; who is very loyal though a tad schizy, Shaddie was named as a kitten before her sex was discovered she and Benja are striped tabbies 3)GEEPEE or "G", Benjamins sister,
G is the most good natured sweetest cat in history, two summers ago while vacationing on Long Island in New York she met a wild male cat who was all black like herself... well nature prevailed and G who'd never been neutered soon found herself 'with kitten', i think she was sad to leave her boyfriend and soon enough she gave birth to:4)BATIERCE and 5) TAELO or SQUIDLY, two all black kittens also known respectivly as "the peoples kitty" and "the corperate kitty" nicknames inspired by the antics of the WWF [World Wrestlig Federation of which i am a big fan/follower], the two kitties are identical twins and have a wild quality that Barbara thinks is a direct genetic link to their father


Badtz Maru site

Don Fogg knives

PANDABA (in drag)is one of badtz's close friends, he is a weird guy who likes to wear dresses a lot
often referred to as "Bad Badtz Maru" he is the dark side of the SANRIO matrix...
Maru is of oriental, specificaly Japanese origin though his actual racial extraction is a mystery, as far as cute little creatures go, he is a good example of esthetic realist principles of the combining of opposing forces, here we have a mixture of dark and light, his charecter traits being at odds with his somewhat benign though brooding appearance


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