A Biography by Cathay Che

Fourth Edition
Release Date in the UK - 03 October 2005
André Deutsch
ISBN 0-23300-153-0

Written with Deborah Harry's co-operation, Platinum Blonde celebrates the life of the original rock goddess as boldly as she's lived it. With her unapologetic sexuality and perfectly aggressive pop, Ms. Harry has remained a lasting icon of cool, synonymous with New York City attitude and the intersecting urban worlds of punk, rock, rap, art, film and fashion. Though a mainstream pop star, Deborah was never predictable. Her punk sensibilities, her roots in bohemian, alternative culture and her friendships with controversial artists such as William Burroughs and Andy Warhol set her apart from the archetypal sex symbol and pin-up girl. As bold and uncensored as the women herself, this quirky, broad sweeping biography, filled with new insights from Deborah, her friends, family and peers, is steeped in the vitality of down town New York and spiked with anecdotes of a maverick musician at large in a world of fame.

Originally published in 1999, Platinum Blonde is a book dedicated solely to Deborah Harry — a great beauty, a maverick musician and a truly unconventional pop star.

The 284-page fourth edition has a new cover photo by Mick Rock, and contains a new epilogue, new insert photos, and updates to the Discography and Internet Resources.

It is available in bookstores and online shops including Amazon USA and Amazon UK.

About the author

Cathay Che was a Contributing Editor at Time Out New York from 1995 - 2004. Her other books include Madonnarama and Girl About Town. Che, a native Hawaiian, lives in New York City and now writes primarily about travel and surfing.

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