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New Album
August 12, 2002: The latest on the new album is that it will come out the first part of 2003. The group is playing two new songs from the album on their current tour - "Goldenrod" and "Diamond Bridge".
October 11, 2001: Paul Carbonara sent us a note about the new album. Check it out on Paul's page.
September 12, 2001: Leigh Foxx provided us with these details about the new album. It does not have an official title yet. Roy Nathanson of The Jazz Passengers guests. There is a new song by Debbie and Leigh called "Goldenrod" (the working title was "Persia" as seen below). There is a song on the new album called "Firecracker" which he describes as "reminiscent of The Ramones". The album has not been mixed yet, but all basic tracks and vocals are done.
August 12, 2001: Chris Stein says they will be finished recording next week, and that the album probably won't come out until February.
August 8, 2001: Blondie have shot the cover photos for the new album and the cover will be by Rob Roth, who did "No Exit".
July 4, 2001: Leigh Foxx says they are also working on two songs called "Persia" and "No Class".
June 15, 2001: Blondie is currently working hard on their new album, scheduled for a fall 2001 release. One of the tracks is a Paul Carbonara tune called "Motorman". Craig Leon is producing. He produced Blondie's last studio album "No Exit" as well as the original single of "X Offender/In The Sun" and the first album "Blondie" with Richard Gottehrer.