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THE TUESDAY BLOGGGGGG! ON MONDAY! When the policemen dragged Mel Gibson from his car last week, looking all bright eyed and bushy tailed, I myself was reminded of my own little brushes with ze law, although I'm a minor celebrity And as far as I can remember I've never blamed the fall of civilization on the Jews... Shalom... Jimmy p.s. Stay tuned for new track "Information" coming to

The Tuesday Blog

Hey Thank you one and all for your fabbo response to my trax on myspace and your support in all other things including, you English, the doctored-mentary on the BBC. There's more music coming, and more....much more! Toys and fun gifts! Love, the Destri

Hand Of Glory

Jimmy's added the new song "Hand Of Glory" to his MySpace. Have a listen and be sure to leave some feedback!

who is she?

Linda La Porte is really a crazy rockbitch screaming-singing distortion bending guitarist who has never sung and heard her own voice above power chords and drums beating right up her ass on a club stage before I found her - she sang Smoke & Sugar


Why, thanks people! You all ARE the smartest fans, aficionados, support team in the current perceptible dimension (sounding like stein ? )... Anyway, believe half of what you read..,.I've been fine, clean and sober ( well, sober ) for the longest time now.. I'm onto some new muzak and I'll try to give you guys a first taste on or something, 'cuz you're the best. We're building a web page, bridges, roads and empires presently and I'll be around for a long, long time. Love out to all....jimmy. p.s. Watch my ancestors on HBO's Rome, it's best thing on TV and I'm really looking forward to the new season.

Have you seen this yet? I love it

Check this out, you won't be sorry. I'm gonna sign these guys

Just dropping you a line....[sniff]

Greetings Loyalists Tis I, Destri. Sorry for my absence. I was doing something important for the government. I am back now. I'm looking forward to answering all your mail, questions and prayers. Unconditional love- Jimmy

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