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Email Paul directly at Paul.Carbonara at gmail dot com

Jiminy Peak Winner On Racing, Blondie

Check out this interview with Paul for the Century Road Club Association. There's lots of Blondie stuff in it, including some hints about the new album!


Paul's dog wanted us to post this pic!


National Acts To Perform at Sept. 23 Benefit For Wife of A Fellow Musician

On Sept. 23 at Maxwell's in Hoboken, music lovers will get a glimpse of what the brotherhood of musicians is all about.

Six national acts will donate their time and talent, and Maxwell's the space, to raise money for the Karp family. Marylou Karp, wife of Blind Pig recording artist and singer-songwriter Peter Karp, was diagnosed in June with stage 4 ovarian cancer.

Marylou, 50, is the mother of two children, James and Courtney. Her illness was initially misdiagnosed as a herniated disc, and she is currently undergoing aggressive treatment at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City.

Gina Fox, who is organizing the event and will perform, said of her friend's diagnosis, "this is a fight for life. The physical, financial and emotional stresses that go along with this fight are overwhelming, and this benefit is meant to help the Karp family with crippling medical bills."

Ovarian cancer, referred to as a silent killer, is often at stage 3 or 4 before it is properly diagnosed. It is the fifth leading cause of cancer death in women, with one out of 100 women succumbing to it.

The show begins at 7 pm, and donations are $20 at the door. All proceeds will be donated to the Karp family. (Anyone who wishes to help but cannot attend the event is asked to visit, where a secure PayPal link is in place.)

Performing that evening are:

  • Nicole Hart & NRG featuring Gil Paris
  • Charlie Jones & Paul "Hernandez" Unsworth featuring Dave Keyes
  • Gina Fox
  • Dave Malachowski & The Woodstock Allstars-Pete Levin & Jill Stevenson
  • Dennis Gruenling & His Tribute to Little Walter Band
  • Popa Chubby
  • The Mudlarks with Blondie's Paul Carbonara

Please direct all inquiries to

Paul's New Web Site

Check out Paul's new web site at and listen to a sample of "Fine Day", an unreleased Blondie song!

Thanks Louis

Hey Louis - Thanks for posting all of those crazy pictures. With no tour until November I've got to do something to stay busy and keep out of trouble. Seriously - I'm finishing a record with Mary McBride. She's a great singer from Louisiana. Her web identity is I've also done a track for Justin Thorne with my good friend and production partner Tommy Allen. Tommy plays drums in a great band called the Flashcubes. He also played in Paul Young's band. If all goes well, we'll be doing more work with Justin in the near future. He can be seen and heard at For those of you in the USA, they are airing a TV commercial I wrote and produced for SBLI USA. Its been running a lot on CNN. Talk soon

Tour De Carbonara

Most of you know that Paul Carbonara is not only a great guitar player with Blondie, but he's also a cyclist and track runner. Well, on Blondie's summer break, he's been biking up a storm and he's been having a great season so far. He won a race in May and has been placing in the top ten pretty consistently! Go Paul! (Thanks to Zui for the photo!) Also check out these links: Cycling News: Master's Podium Cycling News: Paul Carbonara leads Paul Carbonara Bio on CRCA Conrad's Paul running the Mile Race at Armory Track & Field

Blondie Rocks The Middle East

Check out this shot of Paul, Kevin and Clem in Dubai!

Swamp Paul

Paul's latest project is a self-described "Rock/Ranch/Swamp/Arena" band called The Mudlarks. As of July 2003, The Mudlarks now have their own web site. Check them out on at!

Notes On New Record


Paul gave us this shot of Blondie doing a TV show in Stockholm, October 98. From left to right: Jimmy, Debbie, Paul, Leigh, and Chris. Clem is hidden behind the drums. Click on the photo to see a bigger version.

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