Blondie: Chris Stein

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Lieber Guitars: Home of Chris' custom GIGERSTEIN guitar, designed with the help of H. R. Giger and Chris himself.
Winchell Chung's Home Page
Official Web Site of H.R. Giger
unsolicited reply to Chris's Badtz Maru fan letter (archived)
current Badtz Maru Quality Web Site
Mysterious Mysteries (Barbara's site)
William Gibson Official Website
Goodie Magazine
Futura 2000
Official Vali Myers Studio Gallery website
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Robert Matheu, the proprieter and savior of CREEM magazine was at the LOVEBOX festival in London with us and took this pic of D and Sly after Sly's set (Family Stone was the headliner) the Stone band is everything one would expect, quite fantastic i will be headed out to BURNING MAN in just about two weeks now... see whoever shows up there

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