further response as to the ASTRAL stuff, ive been struggling with Jungs essay on 'flying saucers' in which he attributes the appearance thereof to what he terms a collective archtypical vision (vision he emphasises, as opposed to hallucination which implies pathology, or disturbance)... that people seeing UFO's is an unconscious reaction to a situation of danger, the cold war (interestingly the book was written in the fifties when the ufo penomena was only some 15-20 years old, it's too bad not to have his views now that they've been around for some 50 years and the abduction scenario which didnt exist in Jungs day is now established)the threat of mass extnction, overcrowding etc etc.
im playing devils advocate here since this lead me to wonder if the astral exp might be again an unconscious reaction to the difficulties of our time, especially the conflict we all have involving our freedom, how we are technically free yet tied down to so much... well i really am inclined to believe in the validity of the experience, ive gotten a lot of mail regarding peoples dreams and odd psychic experiences, one thread is everybody writing that they feel isolated in these events that they dont think theyd be believed etc...wellyou know push the envelope who cares what anybody thinks anyway?


"The rest of the table was taken up with the decks peripherals, a series of black boxes positioned with obsessive precision. He suspected that each unit was a certain specific distance from its neighbor, and they were perfectly aligned. Ramirez himself would have set them out, and Turner was certain that if he touched one, moved it in the least fraction, the jockey would know. He'd seen that same neurotic touch before, in other console men, and it told him nothing about Ramirez. He'd watched other jockeys who reversed the trait, deliberatly tangling their gear in a rats nest of leads and cables, who were terrified of tidiness and plastered their console with decals of dice and screaming skulls." Wm. Gibson 'COUNT ZERO'


Et les deux ailes du grand aigle furent donnees a la femme, afin qu'elle s'envolat au desert, vers son lieu, ou elle est nourrie un temps, des temps, et la moitie d'un temps loin de la face du serpent.
yeah FEB 2 2000
on the mundane reality side i dont have a hell of a lot to write, i got a really nice note from a kid who told of being miserable and after knocking himself out waking up with his headphones on in the morning and listening to 'MARIA' which made him feel better...i mean what can i say to things like that?...i read ALL the junk you send to the site thru Barry so again thanks...of all the films out now i liked 'TITUS' the best, was surprised that i liked 'Mr.Ripley' though i really hated all the neon signs all over the place, i just cant believe a hip jazz record store in Italy in 1956 would have a big neon sign that said 'be-bop spoken here' this is more mtv related jive...(the coolest weird movie ive seen in a while is on video called "MR.VAMPIRE", really funny chinese kung-fu horror which has been dubbed in hysterically by some bunch of maniacs) and yeah on the subject of mtv, DONT FORGET:
that mtv WANTS YOU TO BE CONFORMISTS!!! its in their interests for everyone to be consumers and all buy multiples of the same thing be it clothing music whatever... this is just the nature of consumerism and advertising, it squashes individuality, i was watching some junk and when i asked Barbs "doesnt everyone get pissed off about how safe this stuff is?" this dialog came up... is there anything left to be rebellious about? can any kind of social change really come from the so called 'arts' any more or has all art become hollow entertainment?


dont get me wrong i really love bad movies... oh also we were at the WWF ROYAL RUMBLE!!!heres the run down: Chyna (however you spell it) looks fucking great in the flesh, much better than on tv, i was really dissapointed that Foley/Cactus didnt win the belt though he did bash triple-H in the head with a two by four wrapped in barbed wire for real, "Mankinds" book is worth reading for wrestling fans, i really liked it...any way we were right at ring side and had a good view of the "strip" contest and i must say that i think May Youngs (however its spelled) tits might have been slightly faked as the rest of her is just not as horribly wrinkled, you know the scene in 'something about mary'? where matt dillon looks thru the binocs thinking hes gonna see diaz's tits and is confronted with the neighbors?, well thats what they looked like, scary, also RIKISHI is also fucking great, for this immense guy to be so genuinely graceful is just amazing, and if it wasnt for the miserable Boss-man who screwed up his strategy he might have had a much better chance at winning the rumble itself... now you know the grim truth I LOVE WRESTLING! i always have, ive got pictures if me and the Grand Wizard,Backlund,Greg Valentine, and various others from the late 70's early 80's, which ill try to put up... in all fairness we were at an ECW match at White Plains recently and it really was a cut above the 'commercial'leagues... i mean no one in WWF-WCW is gonna come out wearing a staple gun around their neck and then staple the opponents head on national tv


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