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INSOMNIA...sleepless in Scotland


all in all, although the last year and a half or so has found us away from home for all but 10 weeks 
(ijust got this information last week and correct or not on hearing it i developed insomnia)the whole of this touring has 
been mostly positive...of course things being the mass of contradictions they usually are now that we're at
the end with everyone fried, the band is of course at a well oiled high point and im confident that these last shows we're
doing represent an all time high for blondie performances...
one of course might argue that the "old days" found us younger 
and more insane, perhaps more energetic, but i have tapes of lots of that stuff and i can assure you it often bears little 
resemblance to the music on the records, frequently sounding like some kind of psychedelic punk-funk mix not necessarily bad but 
the musicianship pales by comparison to whats going on now, and now that i think about im becoming ageist in my discussion 
here, yeah thats bullshit, we're AS energetic as ever, more sober, but there are still threads of madness throughout,fear not
the problem is that there is so much down-time involved with touring and ive now come to a place where ive got to 
decide how to use my time... when i started this thing over three years ago i was still recovering from years of drug use, 
now that ive got a much better feeling of forward motion i find sitting in hotel rooms watching tv to be more unbearable than
ever... in a way i feel at the height of my powers now and id rather spend time doing more modern things than dragging around
in airports and hotel lobbys... i can speak for the whole crew in saying that we all love doing the shows and i know that 
people are always going to want to see debbie and the band in the flesh but...its a difficult split...


no matter what anyone
says its impossible to write on the road, and ive got to make new music not just endlessly play old songs...
so really im making more of a deal out of this than it is, we just have to go into another mode of operation for a
while... i guess in a way i am a bit sad about not being out doing shows (more contradiction) since i feel really close to
all the people that come to see us, i get really emotional on stage now, hearing everyone sing along never fails to make me 
completly sentimental, playing the song about Jeff Pierce always just makes me tearful even though its not a familiar one,
i cant forget about his death depriving us of who knows what... so... after new years eve in miami blondie will be off the
road for a time... i dont know if we'll ever do another year and a half sraight again, but we'll for sure do more live events


the other thing is again thanks to everyone who has written me with comments, profound insights, and weird stories, i
am going to maintain contact with the net and hopefully will be able to expand some of my activities here... i think thats
about it, im including a sexy picture of my beautiful actual wife BARBARA SICURANZA for those who like that sort of thing (ha)
(she was out on the road with us for quite a haul, and i cant thank her enough for being bored out of her skull just so she 
could spend time with the old man)...all for now greetings to all, im still going to keep posting from NYC, so please keep in
touch i really like hearing from you even though its hard to respond
chris Glasgow Scotland nov.26 99

ufo stuff (deep)

Twin Rivers Rising 

Christchurch (BELLS)
for those of you in the New York area: PLEASE... dont make believe its "nice" or "modern" that the city is turning into a mall, it SUCKS! DUMP GIULIANI! RECLAIM THE STREETS! STOP DESTROYING WHATS LEFT OF NEW YORKS HERITAGE! (there's no future without a history,Times Square is ruined)
when we were in Dublin we were lucky enough to run into one Leslie Taylor who is a historian, philosopher and the head bell-ringer at Christchurch there which has in time for millennium eve more bells than any other cathedral in europe, maybe the world, being 19 great bells the biggest, the tenor bell (Debbie rings it above) weighs in at two and a quarter tons and really does produce a godlike sound, on new years eve you can hear the great bells of Christchurch Dublin live on the net at midnight Dublin time, their link is above
and finally we have Barbaras (and my through her) dog FLAPJACK dressed as a soulful Xmas raindeer (he has yet to intergrate with the cats but we have hope)wishing everyone a really nice holiday season, try to be good and not murder each other even if just for a few weeks (i got word that fj's picture has not been here prior to Dec.4 it should be there now)

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