i DO read all the stuff you send in, thanx again

I guess this particular page is UNDER CONSTRUCTION, maybe ill keep it in flux... unfinished, use it to change comments etc.
{the music that was on before our show was the theme from "The Natural" by Randy Newman, some of you must be familiar with the movie, Robert Redford as the spirit of baseball(the book was better), aside from that there was just a jumble of stuff from "Taxi Driver", Coppolas "Dracula" and others...}
here is a cool collage/pic of Wm. Burroughs by Grant Atterbury
i was fortunate enough to know and get to hang out with Bill on various occasions, one can only hope that the world is still able to have, produce people like him, that there's still room for visionaries 
i was wondering if anyone had any experiences with ASTRAL PROJECTION or on a less far out level whats called lucid dreaming? ive been having astral type dreams since iwas a teenager and when i was getting over that long illness i had a period of 4 years or so where this stuff was very active, took notes etc. i think that everyone does this all the time but can only understand/recall the events with varying degrees of clarity... of course the realists of western science are reluctant to cop to the idea of ones spirit body or 'soul' leaving ones physical and moving around disconnected
but with the turn to quantum mechanics its only a matter of time till these ideas are given a new perspective, for example one of the aspects of out of the body experiences is the idea of movement without movement, of something arriving at the same instant it left, the speed of thought being simaltaneous... ive got a lot of personal ideas about what i think goes on in the mass unconscious, astral plane,... like does anyone ever feel like they are attending an event in a dream that goes beyond just something 'made up', a gathering of people who feel very real, (or even simpler did you ever 'dream' of someone who, although you dont know who they were, were very specific and detailed so that meeting them in the dream felt just like meeting a stranger in 'reality'?)
i REALLY believe that people with similar mind sets get together on the astral plane, although these gatherings are for the most part not recognised except as just 'made up',
well... some of you may have an idea of this stuff,[but i hope any of you who just think im fuck-nuts on the other hand wont abandon looking at the site here]id like to discuss this more as my relation to the dream world has always been important, so if i get enough feedback ill try to comment on it.... finally i got a letter from a girl who said that on Dec.22 the moon will be the closest its been since the 18th century...
Dec.18 9:00am


this is the transcript of the 'chat' from the other night...
the typist was really pretty good, but there always is a margin of error in these things... i said 'hive mind' not 'high' mind, the AKASHIC records is spelled like that,
and of course SIM STIM is the Wm. Gibson product
What else..?
Dec.16 nyc
i also stuck stuff on another page
the city is in an ant hill mode right now, icant tell if the new year as an event will be anti climatic or if our 'morphic resonance', that is, the result of a mass of people influencing reality by all thinking the same thing,(the example usually given is that the crossword puzzle in the ny times is easier at night cause a lot of people have already done it that day)will have an effect on things, certainly the 'holiday spirit' has some relation to this, not to mention ufo's and all that jazz, this also relates to the stuff on the other page, 
again the letters ive been getting are consistantly great so thanks, im a bit fried so this is short
Dec 21 7:00pm


What else..?
i was passing by some presidential debate nonsense in time to see one of the faceless moroons agreeing with the concept that rock music,video games etc. are to blame for incidents of school violence, why is it that these turds wont blame the biggest culprit; the so called news media itself for its morbid fascination and rubbernecking of these events, the media glamorizes and wallows in misery and suffering, drooling talk show hosts gllefully describe all manner of screwed up nightmarish things as if they were giving recipies for thanksgiving dinner, its only a matter of time before "news" footage on tv is accompanied by sentimental dramatic music, the line between entertainment and news, reality almost completly eroded
in NYC here i was kind of hoping that there would be a transit strike if only to put our awful creature mayor in the midst of a situation that might demonstrate how horrible what he's doing to the city truly is... its tough to try and maintain a positive mind set in the face of so much unadulterated hypocracy... its not like the underground is really a vital thriving force at the moment, so many people seem to opt for comfort instead of personal integrity, everyone myself included get suckered into believing SOME aspect of 'the big lie', that having the consumer junk, lifestyles that we surround with makes us well off somehow, that getting owning 'things' is an answer...
but to end on a positive note, i really think we are all coming to, are in the middle of this change in consciousness,
becoming able to think in layers, the computer is like a mental exercise machine, maybe itll help us get past just using such a small part of our brains the way we do, after all what'll happen when we areable to plug in our heads and there are a million people on line at the same time...
oh well merry christmas

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