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Update from Chris
August 7, 2003

Chris posted a long message about his recent trip to Japan which you can read on his page or at this direct link:

"The Curse Of Blondie" Now Available At Amazon
July 30, 2003

The new album "The Curse Of Blondie" is now available as an import at Amazon US: Buy "The Curse Of Blondie" import at Amazon or check out the Merchandise page.

"Good Boys" Now Available At Amazon
July 30, 2003

The new four track single "Good Boys" is now available as an import at Amazon US: Buy "Good Boys" import at Amazon or check out the Merchandise page.

"Good Boys" Now Available At Sound World Australia
July 25, 2003

Good Boys is now available as an import at SoundWorld Australia: Buy "Good Boys" import at Sound World Australia or check out the Merchandise page.

"Good Boys" Track Listing
July 25, 2003

Here is the track listing for the new Australian "Good Boys" CD single:

1. Good Boys (Album Version) 4:18
2. Good Boys (Giorgio Moroder Single Mix) 4.06
3. Good Boys (Dead Guy's Ghost Remix) 7.14
4. Good Boys (Scissor Sisters' Gyad Byas Myax Ya Extended Mix) 5.15

Update from Chris
July 22, 2003

Chris posted a message which you can read on his page or at this direct link:

Tour Schedule Updated
July 21, 2003

The tour schedule has been updated to include the two dates in Ireland (Dublin and Belfast).

Update from Chris
July 20, 2003

Chris posted a message which you can read on his page or at this direct link:

July/August Edition of "Women Who Rock" Magazine Featuring Debbie Harry
July 17, 2003

The July/August Special Collector's Edition issue of "Women Who Rock" Magazine (dedicated to the celebration and promotion of creatively independent women in music), celebrates 50 Essentials ... the Women who ROCKED the WORLD! On the list, of course, is Deborah Harry, the "Supervixen Nonpareil with Blonde Ambition." View the magazine's cover image, or visit for more information. On sale now.

It's a Girl!
July 15, 2003

Chris Stein and his wife Barbara became the proud parents of a baby girl, Akira, today at 4:44pm Eastern time. The new addition to the Blondie family weighed in at 8 lbs., 1 oz. Congratulations!!

Auckland Concert Date Changed
July 15, 2003

Due to changes in Blondie's international tour schedule, the date for Auckland concert has been changed to Thursday August 21. This is now reflected in the tour schedule.

International Blondie and Deborah Harry Month
July 13, 2003

The month of July has been officially registered as "International Blondie and Deborah Harry Month" with the National Registry of Special Events by Blondie fan Allan Metz. For more information, check out

Tour Schedule Updated
July 9, 2003

Blondie has added two shows (Auckland and Singapore) to the tour schedule. Ticket information will be added as soon as it's available.

Baby Registry for Chris, Barbara, and Akira
July 8, 2003

Many fans have been writing in to find out if the baby registry they found on Amazon is really for Chris, Barbara and Akira. We checked with Chris and yes, this is their registry, so if you feel so inclined, you can buy a present for them online at their Baby Registry.

Tour Schedule Updated
July 7, 2003

Ticket information for the three shows in Germany has been added to the tour schedule. The shows are on sale now.

Update from Chris
July 6, 2003

Chris posted a message which you can read on his page or at this direct link:

Tour Schedule Updated
June 26, 2003

Blondie has named their 2003 world tour The Phasm 8 Tour. Also, ticket information for the November 1 show in Copenhagen, Denmark has been added. Tickets go on sale tomorrow (June 27).

Jimmy Destri Returns
June 25, 2003

Jimmy Destri, original Blondie member, writer, and keyboard player since 1976, announces his return to the band. Jimmy has been attending rehearsals and will be performing with Blondie during the 2003 World Tour. He's very enthusiastic about becoming more involved with the website and his fans, and we're actively working with him to develop his new band member page and personalize his webspace.

Australian Tour Schedule Update
June 24, 2003

Tickets sold out so quickly, second shows were added in Perth and Melbourne, and a third show was added in Sydney! These four shows now appear in the tour schedule.

Blondie Featured in Sony Music Australia News Story
June 23, 2003

Sony Music announces more Australian concerts after Blondie sells out the first Sydney show in half an hour, and gives the release dates for "The Curse Of Blondie" (due in stores on September 22) and the first single "Good Boys" (out August 11). For the full story, visit the Sony Music Website.

Update from Chris; European tour dates announced
June 22, 2003

Chris wrote to thank everyone who emailed him; read it on his page or at this direct link:

Several new shows in Europe were recently scheduled and were added to the tour schedule on June 19.

Debbie In Style
June 19, 2003

Be sure to check out Debbie in the current issue of "In Style" magazine!

Don't miss this update from Chris!
June 16, 2003

Chris has written a very personal message with lots of news and information for all the Blondie fans everywhere. Read it on his page or at this direct link:

Tour Schedule Update
June 16, 2003

The tour schedule has been modified to include the Internet presale information for the Washington DC show at the 9:30 Club (on sale now).

Debbie's "Uncontrollable Love" For Blow Up
June 10, 2003

Debbie Harry appears on the new Blow Up album "Exploding Plastic Pleasure" along with Lydia Lunch and the late Dee Dee Ramone. Their US debut album, an instant electroclash party staple, is packed with amazing tracks and is definitely a "must hear". Check it out on

Site Updates
June 10, 2003

The "Ribfest" gig in Naperville IL (July 5) is confirmed, and some other updates and clarifications have been added to the tour schedule.

Brief update from Chris
June 5, 2003

Chris posted a message which you can read on his page or at this direct link:

November U.K. Tour Announced!
June 3, 2003

Twelve tour dates in the U.K. have been added to Blondie's official tour schedule.

Site Updates
June 3, 2003

Ticketing info for Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth has changed. Refer to the Tour Schedule for more information.

Site Updates
June 2, 2003

Chris posted a new message, the Australian tour schedule was updated (Brisbane added, Gold Coast removed), and three U.S. concerts have been added! Refer to the Tour Schedule for more information.

Update from Chris
May 27, 2003

Chris posted a message which you can read on his page or at this direct link:

New album information released!
May 25, 2003

We've obtained the tracklist and some artwork from the forthcoming album "The Curse of Blondie" and they're now available on the Preview Page.

Tour schedule updated for 2003
May 19, 2003

The 2002 tour schedule has been archived, and the 2003 schedule has been created. So far, only Osaka and Tokyo (in Japan) are confirmed, but new dates (including Australia) will be added as they're released. The band expects to perform some warm-up dates in the U.S. before leaving for Japan, but these have not been scheduled yet.

Chris announces details of the new album and tour!
May 16, 2003

Chris posted the title of the new album and details about it and some of the summer tour dates, which you can read on his page or at this direct link:

Update from Chris
May 8, 2003

Chris posted another message which you can read on his page or at this direct link:

Update from Chris
May 2, 2003

Chris posted another message which you can read on his page or at this direct link:

Update from Chris
April 28, 2003

Chris posted another message which you can read on his page or at this direct link:

Peggy Lee Tribute
April 25, 2003

Billboard reports: Singer/songwriter/event producer Richard Barone is putting together "There'll Be Another Spring: A Tribute to Miss Peggy Lee" as the flagship show for this year's JVC Jazz Festival. The concert is slated for June 23 at New York's Carnegie Hall. Signed up so far, Barone says, are Deborah Harry, Ronnie Milsap, Jane Monheit, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Shirley Horn, Peter Cincotti, Eartha Kitt, Petula Clark, Bea Arthur, Maria Muldaur, Cy Coleman, Mike Stoller, Freddy Cole, Rita Moreno, and Nancy Sinatra.

Song choices will favor the late Lee's own compositions (with collaborators like Coleman, Duke Ellington, and Johnny Mandel and including such classics as "Manana" and "He's a Tramp") and those written especially for her by the likes of Leiber & Stoller and Paul McCartney. Original arrangements by Gordon Jenkins, Nelson Riddle, and Quincy Jones, among others, will also be featured.

Lee died in January 2002 at the age of 81.

Update from Chris
April 23, 2003

Chris posted a message (including news that he's going to become a father!) which you can read on his page or at this direct link:

Debbie Appearance On W&G Scheduled For Sweeps Week
April 10, 2003

Deborah Harry's appearance on "Will & Grace" has been completed. Our sources tell us "Debbie's taping went great. She was hilarious!" and the buzz is similar with the lucky fans who got to watch the taping earlier this week! The episode is scheduled to air on NBC, Thursday, May 15th at 9 PM (during Sweeps Week). Mark your calendars!

Will And Grace And Debbie
April 1, 2003

Deborah Harry is scheduled to make a surprise guest appearance on the season finale of the hit NBC sitcom "Will & Grace". Debbie will guest star along with Harry Connick Jr. and Minnie Driver. We don't have a solid date yet, but the episode will air during May sweeps. Tune in and find out what Debbie's "special bond" with Karen is...

Bend It Like Blondie
April 1, 2003

Blondie's "Atomic" features in the new film "Bend It Like Beckham", already a smash-hit in the UK and the third feature film from the award-winning director and writer Gurinder Chadha ("Bhaji On The Beach", "What's Cooking?"). The film opened in limited release on March 12 and features an eclectic mix of pop music and indian hits, from Blondie to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. You can pick up a copy of the soundtrack on Amazon US or Amazon UK.

Update from Chris
March 26, 2003

Chris posted a message which you can read on his page or at this direct link:

A&E Biography Update
March 26, 2003

The rough cut of Deborah Harry's "Biography" episode has been shown to her (she reportedly loved it) and was recently sent to the network for approval. No air date has been set yet, but it looks like late summer or early fall.

Dead Man's Socks
March 9, 2003

We just received word on this off-Broadway play of interest to Blondie fans - here's the description: "Modern-day tales of love and melancholia swirl in a fluid, heady concoction of punk rock. Mediated by the pulsing rhythms of Blondie, the lives of four gay men collide and intersect in random patterns as each one navigates New York's Nether World searching for their slippery dreams. Moving freely between the corporate hallways of Wall Street and the red splashed cubicles of sex clubs, Dead Man's Socks is a peek into the shifty alternate world of transacted identities and negotiated love. The Ma-Yi Theater Company presents this new play written and directed by Ralph B. Peña." Check it out at Theatermania.

New Album Updates
February 27, 2003

Here's some updates on the new album.

The CD was originally scheduled to be released in the US and Canada on Beyond Records in February 2003, as referred to on the recent "Greatest Hits" CD and DVD. However, Beyond Records, the company that was to release the album, has since closed it's doors. Fortunately, Blondie retains the rights to the recorded material, which leaves them free to release it in North America on another label (no estimated time of arrival yet).

The album is still on schedule outside North America. The band has licensed the new CD to Sony International, and it is currently scheduled to be released in the UK and Europe at the end of May 2003.

The staff will update this page as soon as we know any more information. We also want to thank you for your enthusiasm and unwavering support of Blondie. Keep those emails coming in!

On TV In February
February 4, 2003

02/06/03 - 08:30 am ET SHO2 - Roadie (1980)
Meat Loaf, Art Carney, Blondie, and Alice Cooper star in this classic drive-in rock and roll comedy.

02/07/03 - 08:00 am ET SUND (Sundance) - The Blank Generation (1976)
The early days of the New York punk scene are captured in this vivid film time capsule created by Amos Poe (Frogs for Snakes) and Ivan Kral, songwriter and former guitarist for the Patti Smith Group. Legendary performances by the Ramones, Blondie, The Talking Heads, Wayne County and the Heartbreakers, filmed live in gritty, silent, black-and-white at CBGBs in 1976, are paired with historic contemporary recordings by each group. Chroniclers of early punk believe these may be the earliest - if not the only - existing film footage of many of these bands from this formative period. (1976) TVPG (0:53) Stereo/BW

02/07/03 - 04:00 pm ET OVA - Music Express
Irish DJ Dave Fanning interviews the reunited group Blondie.

02/08/03 - 05:45 am ET SUND (Sundance) - Downtown 81 (2000)
Before he shot to international fame in the art world, Jean-Michel Basquiat acted in this energetic, semi-biographical fantasy about a struggling artist and musician in the boho world of New York's Lower Manhattan. Nearly twenty years after the film was shot in 1980 and '81, by fashion photographer Edo Bertoglio from a script by rock critic and producer Glenn O'Brien, this feature's footage was rediscovered; what was originally a film to be called New York Beat reached screens two decades later with a title that reflects its unique historic value. Here is a fascinating shot-on-the-streets glimpse of a New York that no longer exists: when graffiti was emerging as a controversial new art form, in which West 42nd Street was a notorious arcade of sleaze and vice, and where performers like Kid Creole and the Coconuts, James White and the Blacks and the Japanese new wave band The Plastics were packing them in at the newest downtown clubs. Besides Basquiat, who was to die of an overdose only eight years later and whose life became the subject of fellow New York artist Julian Schnabel's award-winning 1996 dramatic film, Downtown 81 also features Deborah Harry in the role of a magical street person.

02/08/03 at 08:30 pm EST and 02/09/03 - 02:30 am ET COM (Comedy Central) - Absolutely Fabulous in New York
Break out the champagne and celebrate, sweetie - those outrageous heroines of hedonism are back! Patsy (Joanna Lumley) and Edina (Jennifer Saunders) cross the Atlantic for a one-hour "Absolutely Fabulous in New York" special. "Absolutely Fabulous in New York" is a BBC Production in association with COMEDY CENTRAL and will include the original cast members. The special also features special guest stars Whoopi Goldberg, Debbie Harry, Graham Norton, Danny Burstein, Rufus Wainwright and Josh Hamilton as Edina's long-lost son, Serge.

Thanks to Nichole Parosky for compiling this information.

Robert Tuozzo photo gallery updated
January 14, 2003

Robert Tuozzo's photo gallery has been updated with images from the recent Roseland (NYC) show.

Blondie back in New York
December 20, 2002

Blondie has returned from the UK tour, and Chris posted a message which you can read on his page or at this direct link:

A&E to feature Deborah Harry in Biography
December 18, 2002

A&E ( will feature Deborah Harry in a one-hour episode of Biography in an upcoming 4-part series "The Women In Rock." This project is in the research phase, and we have been contacted by Clear Channel Entertainment Television and given the opportunity to participate in the research and to give input to the show. They are particularly interested in obtaining photographs and good quality video footage, especially rare, unpublished, or unique works.

If you own or know where to find such material and would like to participate, or if you just have a comment, idea, or recommendation for the show's producers, please email directly to Sari Spiess.

Left Bank added that the show is being produced by Marc Kinderman and is expected to completed around April 2003, but there is currently no scheduled air date.

Amnesty International holding a benefit auction; Blondie autographed skateboard deck available now on eBay
December 16, 2002

Amnesty International is conducting an online benefit auction of personalized skateboard decks, including one signed by the band. For more information, see their auction list, or to bid on the item, see eBay item #929394551. Bidding ends December 19.

Debbie Appears In Absolutely Fabulous In New York
December 05, 2002

Absolutely Fabulous In New York premieres Saturday, February 8th at 8pm on Comedy Central (an encore presentation airs Saturday, Feb. 8th at 2:30am on Comedy Central). While at Fashion Week in New York City, Edina and Patsy search for Eddy's long lost son, who has actually been hiding from his mother for ten years in the city. The fab duo take on the Big Apple with flames and flourish. Whoopi Goldberg and Deborah Harry guest star.

Blondie After-Party In San Francisco
November 12, 2002

Calling all Blondie fans! The DHBIS is throwing a fan based party in San Francisco at the Eagle immediately after the Blondie show. Continual Blondie and related music! Blondie video collage! Meet other DHBIS members In The Flesh! Check out the flyer here!

Blondie Book Party In New York
November 12, 2002

Calling all Blondie fans... again! Not to be outdone, the East Coast is throwing a party too! Check out the book release party for the book "Blondie - From Punk To Present" at Totem in NYC. Check out the flyer here!

UK DVD and VHS of "Blondie: Live!" (1982) added
October 29, 2002

Added the press release and links, images, and information about the upcoming release to the merchandise page. It is available for purchase on November 18. Digital Video Distribution Ltd. has agreed to supply us with some DVDs for a promotion, so we plan to run a competition (open only to residents of the UK) in November. Details to follow.

Vanity Fair
October 28, 2002

Debbie is on the cover of Vanity Fair's music issue (US) with some great artists, such as Gwen Stefani, Shirley Manson, Barry White and many more. Check it out on the November issue!

Grand Theft Auto's Vice City Soundtrack
October 24, 2002

Blondie appears on the new soundtrack to the popular video game "Grand Theft Auto - Vice City". The soundtrack is a box set of tunes that you can listen to in the game by selecting seven different radio stations. Check out the details at Vice City Radio and be sure to listen to "Wave 103"...

Philadelphia Show May Be On Sale Tomorrow
October 24, 2002

We are getting unconfirmed reports that tickets for the Philadelphia show will go on sale tomorrow, October 25th, and not the 29th. We have not been able to confirm this officially, so we suggest you contact the venue (Electric Factory) or ticket vendors directly.

Philadelphia added to the November tour schedule; two shows added to December tour schedule
October 16, 2002

Updated the tour schedule: the November 20 show is now confirmed as the Electric Factory in Philadelphia. Tickets go on sale on October 28. Also, added two shows in Dublin to the tour schedule, which were omitted from the list. INXS will not appear at those two shows.

Internet presale link added for Roseland (NYC) show
October 15, 2002

Updated the tour schedule with the link to the Internet presale for the November 23 show. You must use the link during the presale, which begins tomorrow, October 16 at 10:00am ET and lasts for two days. Regular ticket sales begin on October 18.

Tour schedule updated; Anaheim show to be aired next month
October 12, 2002

Updated the tour schedule with the latest purchase information. Most of the November shows go on sale today or tomorrow.

There is a Westwood One recording of the second Anaheim show (Aug. 11, 2002) which will be aired in November. The band will own the rights to this recording.

Fall 2002 Greatest Hits Tour announced
October 10, 2002

Blondie will be doing a few U.S. concerts to promote the Greatest Hits release. Four shows are confirmed now, and one more is expected to be announced soon. The presale dates are approaching quickly, so be sure to read the details at the top of the tour schedule page and in the Fall 2002 Greatest Hits Tour date table.

Post from New York
October 3, 2002

Chris is in the process of moving out of NYC proper and left an update, which you can read on his page or at this direct link:

New Blondie Greatest Hits Released
October 3, 2002

The new compilation CD has been released (October 1). It has a different cover in the UK than in the US. Information about the DVD will be posted as it becomes available. For ordering information, see the merchandise page.

VH1 Classic to salute Blondie on U.S. TV on Sunday, September 29
September 25, 2002

VH1 will broadcast a one-hour live concert from the 1999 reunion tour, followed by Blondie videos and recent interview snippets. For more information, check out their press release.

Posted info on Greatest Hits release
September 15, 2002

Posted the artwork and liner notes for the "Greatest Hits" CD release. You can preorder this CD and the companion DVD on the merchandise page.

Post from New York
September 6, 2002

Chris is back from Burning Man and left a short post:
Added a link to the official John Carpenter web site on the links page. Scripted the site emails to reduce spam. Minor updates to correct small problems caused by outages last month.

Updated the merchandise page with the forthcoming CD and DVD and with the book "Blondie, From Punk to the Present: A Pictorial History," compiled by Allan Metz.

Posts from Reno and Santa Barbara
August 19, 2002

Chris sent a short update from Reno, and a long one from Santa Barbara. This might be the last one on this tour since Chris is leaving soon for Burning Man.

Post from San Francisco
August 16, 2002

Chris sent an update from San Francisco:

Post from Las Vegas
August 12, 2002

Chris sent an update from Las Vegas:

Post from Raleigh
August 8, 2002

Chris sent an update from Raleigh NC:

Post from Myrtle Beach
August 7, 2002

Chris sent an update from Myrtle Beach SC:

Post from Biloxi
August 2, 2002

Chris sent a short update from Biloxi MS:

Update from Chris
July 22, 2002

Chris is back in NYC briefly and sends an update:

Update to the tour schedule
July 15, 2002

Added Brighton Centre (December 16) and canceled Sioux Falls SD (July 19).

Cinema Italiano Contest
July 9, 2002

Win a copy of "Cinema Italiano", featuring two Deborah Harry tracks, by answering a few simple Deborah Harry trivia questions. Check it out on the Contest Page.

Update from Chris
July 9, 2002

Chris is back in NYC briefly and gives an update about the shows and the new material:

New Concert Pics/Concert Set Lists
July 9, 2002 has some new photos of Debbie from the current Blondie tour, and they have started posting set lists for each show, sent in by visitors to the site. You can help out by sending set lists from your local Blondie show in for publication.

Advance ticket purchase information added for Blondie/INXS tour
July 3, 2002

Advance ticket purchases are available on Sunday July 7, one day before the official on-sale date. Information and a link to (which features a news item) has been added to the notes on the tour schedule.

December European Blondie/INXS Tour announcement
July 2, 2002

Blondie will be touring with INXS in Europe this December. This will be publicly announced this weekend, but Left Bank has provided advance information about 12 concerts. A link for early ticket purchases is expected tomorrow. The new dates are on the tour schedule, below the U.S. appearances.

Updated the U.S. tour schedule (new date in Ventura CA, venue identified for Raleigh).

Update from Chris
July 2, 2002

Added another short note from Chris, including the poem that Dee Dee Ramone wrote about Joey which Chris mentioned in his June 29 update.

Happy Birthday to Debbie Harry!
July 1, 2002

Update from Chris
June 29, 2002

See Chris's reply to your emails:

Blondie, Debbie and Leigh In Q's "Punk"
June 26, 2002

Deborah Harry provides the foreword for the special 146-page punk issue of "Q" magazine (available at Q). The magazine features Blondie in several sections along with a 100 Best Punk Albums section (in which they review Blondie, Plastic Letters, and Parallel Lines), a 6-page photo feature on CBGB's, and a 2-page feature on Punk magazine. Leigh Foxx also appears in a photo with Patti Smith. Unfortunately, Leigh is identified as "unknown"! Please let Q magazine know who he is by (politely) writing: Q, Mappin House, 4 Winsley St., London W1W 8HF, UK or by emailing them at Hopefully they'll print a correction if they get enough letters.

Update from Chris
June 21, 2002

See Chris's reply to your emails:

Update to the tour schedule
June 21, 2002

Added Kansas City KS (Verizon Wireless Amphitheater). Tickets go on sale June 21.

News Update from Chris
June 20, 2002

See Chris's new message linked on his page or directly at

Update to the tour schedule
June 19, 2002

The Lake Buena Vista (Orlando) show is on Internet Presale (the link is added). Links to the fan registration page have been added to the tour schedule for the Jones Beach and PNC Arts Center shows. Blondie's management has reserved special tickets for fans for these two shows; you can request to purchase them by filling out the form.

Cinema Italiano Released
June 18, 2002

Deborah Harry appears alongside Luciano Pavarotti, Sting, and others on this new tribute to Italian film music. Check out the DHBIS Cinema Italiano page for more details on an upcoming contest to win a copy of the album.

Corrections to the tour schedule
June 10, 2002

Chicago and Sioux Falls SD have been rescheduled from their original dates. The updated information is shown on the tour schedule.

Update from Chris
June 8, 2002

See Chris's new message linked on his page or directly at

Corrections and additions to the tour schedule
June 6, 2002

Corrected the listing of the Chicago show on the tour schedule: news page was correct, but schedule had an incorrect date (June 19th). The correct date is July 9.

Added other confirmed dates to the tour schedule: Sioux Falls SD, Detroit, Cleveland, Las Vegas, Orlando, Myrtle Beach, and Raleigh. The venue for Raleigh (or Charlotte) is not yet known.

House of Blues internet presale link added
June 4, 2002

The House of Blues show (Chicago IL, July 9) has been added to the tour schedule with the Internet presale link. Tickets can only be purchased online through this link until the general public sale on June 7.

Chicago added to the tour schedule
May 31, 2002

The House of Blues show (Chicago IL, July 9) has been added to the tour schedule. Internet presale begins on June 3. The link and more dates on the itinerary are expected to be added Monday (June 3).

Chris forwards message from Debbie
May 29, 2002

Chris forwarded a message on behalf of Debbie:

From: chris stein
Sent: Wednesday, May 29, 2002 9:15 AM
Subject: dh message... just post this

debbie asked me to put up a thank you for the fans who showed up at the G.A.Y. gig in london, she mostly wanted to say she was sorry she wasn't able to sign autographs etc. apparently the club had its biggest turn out that the security wasnt prepared for and i guess she was rushed by the kids there... anyway she says 'thanks for your patience'

Tour schedule updated
May 21, 2002

Left Bank has released two new dates (Columbia MD and Virginia Beach). See the details on the new tour schedule page.

Update from Chris
May 18, 2002

See Chris's new message linked on his page or directly at

Debbie to appear on Graham Norton (UK TV)
May 17, 2002

While Debbie is in the U.K., she will appear on the Graham Norton TV show on Friday, May 17. It airs at 11pm.

Update from Chris
May 14, 2002

See Chris's new message linked on his page or directly at

Two Deborah Harry performances added
May 13, 2002

Left Bank confirms details of a solo Deborah Harry appearance on Saturday May 18 at G-A-Y (a London club) and a second London performance with the Jazz Passengers at Barbican Centre on Sunday May 19. These dates have been added to the Other Appearances page.

Correction made to tour dates
May 7, 2002

Left Bank confirms there was a date exchange mix-up (August 2/3) for Beau Rivage Casino (Biloxi MS) and Horseshoe Casino (Robinsonville MS). The tour schedule page is now updated with the corrected information.

Deuces Wild released in U.S. theaters
May 3, 2002

"Deuces Wild" (Official Site, MGM's site) opens today in theaters. Debbie has a supporting role in this feature as the mother of a gang member.

More tour dates announced
May 1, 2002

Left Bank releases additional summer tour dates (July-August). More will be added as they are confirmed. See the details on the new tour schedule page.

Update from Chris
April 28, 2002

See Chris's new message linked on his page or directly at

Update from Chris
April 13, 2002

See Chris's new message linked on his page or directly at

Update from Chris
April 8, 2002

See Chris's new message linked on his page or directly at

Chris sends another message
March 25, 2002

See Chris's new message linked on his page or directly at

First set of 2002 Blondie tour dates announced
March 21, 2002

Left Bank releases the first nine tour dates (July-August). More will be added as they are confirmed. See the details on the new tour schedule page.

Chris's computer is fixed
March 1, 2002

See Chris's new message linked on his page or directly at

Debbie to do a reading on January 29 in New York City
January 29, 2002

Debbie will do a poetry/lyric reading and read from the Blondie biography at the Gershwin Hotel (27th Street and 5th Avenue) on Tuesday, January 29 at 8:00 pm. Box office opens at 7:30; tickets $5, first come, first serve.

Debbie and Chris to appear on Bravo's "Musicians" TV show, March 11
January 29, 2002

Bravo's new weekly, original series "Musicians" debuts on February 4 and will feature Debbie Harry and Chris Stein on the sixth episode, which will be broadcast on March 11 at 8pm EST (7pm PST) and again three hours later (a repeat broadcast is scheduled on April 15). The hour-long programs of interviews and music are hosted by music journalist and author David Wild.

Debbie to perform on February 10 at "What A Pair", benefit for breast cancer research in Los Angeles CA
January 24, 2002

"What a Pair," a benefit for The Revlon/ UCLA Breast Center will be held on Sunday, February 10th at The Wilshire Ebell Theatre in Los Angeles, featuring a star-studded cast and crew. For more information, read the press release. Tickets are available online through TicketWeb.

New Debbie Solo Track Released Online
January 20, 2002

Deborah Harry's "Ghost Riders In The Sky", a track from from the Alex Cox film "Three Businessmen", has been released in MP3 format. The track was produced by San Francisco's Pray For Rain. Check it out on

Mike Morton Gallery added
January 10, 2002

Three galleries of Mike Morton photographs have been added to the Gallery section.

Blondie To Perform At Jingle Ball
November 21, 2001

Blondie will headline Jingle Ball 2001, a benefit concert also featuring Barenaked Ladies, Alanis Morrisette, Sugar Ray, and Stevie Nicks. The concert benefits Becky's House, a domestic violence program. Tickets are already sold out, but people in the San Diego, California area will be able to buy tickets in the first 20 rows on November 29, 2001 by raffle. Check the main Jingle Ball 2001 web site for more information.

Movie Updates
November 18, 2001

According to United Artists, "Deuces Wild" (Official Site, MGM's site) is currently scheduled to debut in theaters in February 2002. Debbie has a supporting role in this feature as the mother of a gang member. It also stars Fairuza Balk, Steven Dorff, Brad Renfro, Balthazhar Getty, Vincent Pastore, Matt Dillon, Drea DeMatteo, Frankie Muniz, Norman Reedus, Louis Lombardi, James Franco, Johnny Knoxville, Joshua Leonard, and Alba Albanese. Directed by Scott Kalvert ("Basketball Diaries") for producer Michael Cerenzi.

"The Fluffer", a new film by Richard Glatzer ("Grief") and Wash West ("Naked Highway"), is currently playing at various film festivals. Debbie also has a supporting role in this movie as the owner of a strip club. Due to the frank sexual content of the movie, it is not expected to have a wide release, so catch it if you can!

"Red Lipstick" has not been widely released yet, but it has played at some film festivals. This is also a supporting role for Debbie - she plays a psychic that the main characters visit.

Debbie has been cast in Steve Balderson's highly anticipated "Firecracker", as "Ed, the local chief of police who solves the murder while exposing the raft of deceptions and lies". "Firecracker" is currently in pre-production.

Finally, Debbie is also expected to star in the independent feature "400 Days" which began shooting in late 2000.

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