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    Update from Chris

    Chris posted an update from Zurich which you can now read on his band member page or at this direct link. In his message, Chris mentions that the concert in Istanbul will probably be postponed, that they visited H.R. Giger, and Debbie wrote a short poem about the front row.

    Review of Liverpool show online

    A review of the Liverpool Academy show is available online at Guardian Unlimited

    Review of Manchester show online

    A review of the Manchester Apollo show is available at Manchester Online

    Review of Newcastle show online

    A review of the City Hall show is available online at icNewcastle

    Manchester added to the Summer 2004 Tour Schedule

    One additional concert (Manchester, England, 2004 June 11) has been added to the tour schedule. Tickets go on sale November 21.

    Gulfstream Park tickets on sale today

    The Gulfstream Park concert (January 3, 2004) is on sale now. The links for purchasing tickets have been added to the tour schedule.

    New messages from Chris and Kevin

    Chris and Kevin have both posted mesages from England, which you can read on their band member pages or at these direct links:

    Updates to the tour schedule

    The tour schedule has been updated for the Istanbul show (venue changed, online ticket link added) and to add a performance at the Cambridge Corn Exchange on June 19, 2004 (on sale now).

    Australian Concert to be aired on November 15

    Blondie's summer performance at the Palais Theatre in Australia was recorded for Foxtel's Music Max channel, and will be broadcast on Saturday, November 15 (and repeated on Nov. 16). Visit the Music Max website for the program schedule and more information on the Max Sessions, hosted by former Crowded House drummer, Paul Hester.

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