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    Update from Chris

    Chris sent another update today which is now available from his band member page or at this direct link.

    Debbie Harry image in benefit auction

    SOS Children, a charity benefiting orphaned children worldwide, is currently running a benefit campaign called "Famous Faces on Canvas." Photographer Brian Aris has donated a Debbie Harry image that will be available for bidding for 13 more days. To bid or see the image, visit the SOS Children Famous Faces Auction: Debbie Harry page.

    Update from Chris

    Chris's latest post is now available on his band member page.

    Debbie attends Garbage concert in New York

    Shirley Manson of Garbage announced that Debbie was in the audience at their New York concert on Tuesday (April 19) and dedicated the song "Bleed Like Me" to her! "Bleed Like Me" is the title track of the new Garbage album (on sale now). The video for their first single, "Why Do You Love Me", which is included on the enhanced CD, has prominent references to Blondie including a large mural of Debbie Harry in the background and a black and white striped backdrop in the style of "Hanging On The Telephone". One of the four backgrounds for the band bio page of the newly-updated Garbage website is a group photo with a Ramones gig flyer and a picture of Debbie in the background (you may need to refresh the page several times until it appears).

    Rock & Rule On DVD

    Rock & Rule, the animated cult classic from 1983, has finally received its first DVD release. Debbie Harry provides the singing voice of Angel - the lead character based on Debbie herself - in this futuristic post-nuclear war film where only descendants of dogs, cats and rats survived. Check out the details in the Store movie section or simply order direct from Amazon.

    Brand New Blondie Merchandise Now Available

    We've got some brand new official Blondie stuff for you in the store:

    Official Blondie Merchandise

    Click on "Music Today" and check out all the new designs. There's some really cool abstract designs including a sweet "Heart of Glass" shirt, "Call Me" and "One Way Or Another" designs, and a triple-Debbie print! Also the much requested items like keychains and buttons are here!

    Garbage - "Why Do You Love Me" Video

    Be sure to check out Garbage's new video "Why Do You Love Me" which features two homages to Blondie - Shirley Manson singing in front of a huge picture of Debbie Harry, and the band painting a wall that looks very much like the cover of "Parallel Lines"!

    Updates from Chris

    Chris's posts from March 25, April 3, and April 12 are now available from his band member page.

    Blondie items in benefit auction available now on Ebay

    Some interesting and unique Blondie items are now listed and available for bidding on Ebay as part of the FactoryPeople benefit announced on March 16. The auction ends April 9.

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