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    Tsunami Relief Organizations Need Your Help

    Blondie supports Music For Relief, an organization created by concerned musicians and fans along with the American Red Cross, in their efforts to respond to the recent devastation in Southern Asia. Please visit Music For Relief and make a donation. All donations go directly to aid the victims and their families.

    Update from Chris

    Chris's latest post is now available from his band member page or at this direct link.

    Update from Chris

    Chris's update from January 16 is now available on his band member page.

    Edinburgh show review online

    The Independent has an online review of the New Year's Eve show in Edinburgh.

    Parallel Lines to be featured on ROCKWIRED radio show

    Independent radio producer and host Brian Lush will showcase Blondie's Parallel Lines album on the debut of his new radio show ROCKWIRED on Saturday, January 15. The show airs at 5:00pm PST on and more information is available in the show's press release.

    Update from Chris

    Chris's January 9 update is now available from his band member page.

    'Rock And Rule' Needs Your Help

    "Rock And Rule", the animated film that Debbie contributed to in 1983, is finally going to get a DVD release this year. Debbie did the singing voice of the main character in the film ("Angel") and the film also features music by Cheap Trick, Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, and Earth Wind And Fire.

    We got this message from Stephen Biro of Unearthed Films (the company that is going to put out the DVD) and thought we'd pass it along here:

    "I was wondering if you guys can do me a huge favor. We just put together a small DVD of the Pan and Scan version to send out to retailers so they can check out the film and pre-order it. I'll be directing them to the IMDB (Internet Movie Database) for information and history on 'Rock And Rule'.

    I was hoping that you guys could go to, look up 'Rock And Rule' and vote on the Star Rating, so we can get as many good votes as possible. It would really help us since major retailers usually judge a film just by that rating and it would help us immensely in getting it out into the mainstream.

    I would really appreciate this and owe all of you big time for this.

    Here's the link...

    'Rock And Rule'

    Or go to and type 'Rock And Rule' in the search to get there.

    I thank you so very much."

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