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    Update from Chris

    Chris wrote a message to everyone disappointed about the Atlanta gig being rained out. You can read it on his band member page.

    Updates from Chris

    Several new updates from Chris including one this week are available on his band member page.

    Update to the tour schedule

    Blondie's September 8 gig in Ventura, California has been added to the tour schedule (on sale Saturday, August 14). This is expected to be the last addition to the August-September tour dates.

    Further notes on "Blondie: Singles Box"

    With the August 10th release of "Blondie: Singles Box", Capitol Records/EMI (US) has duplicated the UK's previously released "Blondie: Singles Box", instead of using the original unique US singles and sleeves. For instance, "One Way Or Another" was released in the US (without a picture sleeve) and not in the UK, and "Heart Of Glass" has a very beautiful sleeve unique to the US. While US fans will no doubt buy up the US version of "Blondie: Singles Box" with good reason. The set is very well done, with the previously unreleased UK sleeves and CDs printed to look like little 7" singles, and the US price is much better than the import set. However, from a historical standpoint, it would have been nice to have an accurate singles box specially made for the US. (No word yet on a Japanese version!)

    Paul Carbonara - Rock & Racing

    Check out this new interview with Paul Carbonara in Twin Cities Sports!

    Capitol/EMI to release "Blondie: Singles Box" on August 10

    On August 10, Capitol Records/EMI (US) will release a new, specially-packaged Blondie: Singles Box, featuring the influential punk/new wave band's top hits and B-sides, from "Rip Her To Shreds" to "Warchild." The flip-top box, packaged with 15 individual CD sleeves replicating the original 7" artwork, is a must-have for fans old and new. For more information including the tracklist and cover art, read the press release. Watch for upcoming publicity in Newsweek, Blender, Venus, and other national magazines.

    "Blondie Beneath the Bleach" to air on August 7

    Foxtel Australia's BBC World channel will be screening a special filmed in 1999 during the No Exit tour. Here's the press release:

    Blondie Beneath the Bleach
    BBC World Saturday 7 August @ 19:10

    The seventies rock 'n' roll icon Debbie Harry and her band, Blondie, reformed in the late nineties. In 1999, on the eve of the band's first big tour of the UK since the eighties, Imagination went behind the scenes to see how it all feels second time around.
    Debbie speaks candidly of the challenge involved in being a sex symbol in her mid-fifties and discusses whether the stresses and strains which caused the band to break up the first time can be conquered.

    Chris Stein, Clem Burke, and Jimmy Destri remember the years out of the limelight in which they all confronted their own personal demons, winning through to enjoy a return to the top with the band that made their names. What emerges is a picture of four talented, funny and energetic individuals who describe themselves candidly as "a family - but a dysfunctional family at best".

    Blondie Beneath the Bleach reveals the band at play and also delves into the group's earliest origins, revealing their relationship with pop art icon Andy Warhol.

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