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    New "The Curse Of Blondie" DualDisc Release

    We're very excited to announce Blondie's new album is now available in DualDisc format featuring 5.1 DVD sound! DualDisc is a new type of CD/DVD format that contains the entire traditional CD on one side with a DVD 5.1 audio mix and other features on the other side. Check out the Store for more details.

    "WomenRock!" reminder

    Tomorrow, October 28, is the air date for the 5th annual "WomenRock!" on Lifetime. Blondie's performances including Debbie Harry's duet with Shirley Manson of Garbage were recorded September 28. For more information, visit the Lifetime TV site, and check your local listings to confirm the air time.

    Venue in Panama announced; update from Chris

    The venue for the November 9 show in Panama City has been chosen as CENTRO DE CONVENCIONES NUNEZ DE BALBOA. This information has been also been added to the tour schedule.

    Chris's update from today is also available on his band member page or at this direct link.

    Blondie's performance at Edinburgh's Hogmanay announced

    Blondie will perform on New Year's Eve in Edinburgh! Tickets are on sale now and the tour schedule has been updated. For more information, visit

    Updates to the tour schedule

    The links for purchasing tickets to the November 3 show in Lima, Peru and the November 12 show in Mexico City have been added to the tour schedule. Links for other shows will be added as they are received. Please note that there is now only one show in Mexico City and that the venue has been changed from what was originally posted.

    Gun Club back catalog now available

    Chris would like to announce that the Gun Club's material is now available again! For more information, read his post from today or visit Sympathy for the Record Industry.

    Update from Chris

    A new update from Chris is available on his band member page or at this direct link.

    Seven more tour dates announced

    Blondie has announced seven new tour dates for November, including gigs in Peru, Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica, Panama, and Mexico. These have been added to the tour schedule. It is possible that a few more might be added. Ticket information will be added when it's available.

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